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Sales Manager

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Customized Corporate Gift Supplier

IPROMO LTD specializes in custom promotional and commemorative products. With our own factories and a strong procurement team in GuangDong of China, we deliver high-quality products that meet compliance and quality standards. We offer one-stop solutions for design, production, and delivery, catering to the needs of both large enterprises and small businesses. Our approach is characterized by professionalism, reliability, and efficiency in fulfilling customer requirements.

Quality is our life! Clients are our God!

Our main clients

IPROMO Advantages

  • China Factories: With advanced machinery and a strong commitment to social responsibility, we can pass audits from McDonald’s, Disney, Sedex, and others. Our investment in a water treatment plant and “Green Label” recognition demonstrates our dedication to environmental sustainability. 
  • Purchasing Department: Our customers have a wide variety of options for commemorative and promotional gifts, including products made from metal and other different materials. Our procurement team in GuangDong works closely with customers to find cost-effective and practical solutions. We also prioritize quality control and timely delivery to ensure customer satisfaction. As a reputable trading company in the promotional products industry, we place a strong emphasis on trustworthiness. To guarantee the quality of your goods, we go the extra mile by sending an inspection team to thoroughly examine them before dispatch, providing you with added peace of mind.
  • Packaging / Inspection: Quality inspection and careful packaging are vital, particularly for complex and composite products. We take full responsibility to meet required standards and specifications, ensuring our customers receive top-notch products. 
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